Post War Glamour Girls - Pollyanna Cowgirl

Post War Glamour Girls have shared ‘Pollyanna Cowgirl’ – an excellent (almost anthemic), pounding track taken from their forthcoming album ‘Swan Songs’.

To record the album the Leeds outfit decided to get away from it all, packed their bags and headed up north to a small village in the Scottish highlands called Skerray.

Explaining their approach band member James Smith said: “We decided with this album that we wanted to get lost during the recording process. To let it consume us entirely throughout. No distractions from our day to day lives. No dashing mid-take to get to work on time. No phone calls from our landlords. No other commitments. Just two solid weeks of living it.”

You can pre-order the album ‘Swan Songs’ here.

In the meantime have a listen to ‘Pollyanna Cowgirl’ below.

4 months ago