Thad Kopec - Half Moon / Distant Shore

Nashville’s Thad Kopec has shared a rather cool (psych-folk – sort of) new tune titled ‘Half Moon / Distant Shore’. The track’s taken from┬áhis forthcoming album ‘The Shadow & The Caster’ – due for release 21st April.

You can check out the tune below – it’s certainly worth a listen.

And if you’ve got a moment (and taken a mushroom or two) you might be interested in the following explanation behind the track by Thad Kopec himself: “‘Half Moon / Distant Shore’ is about finding a centre in the dizzying motion of progress. Once I’ve gone to a new place, or entered a new state of consciousness, can I still find that thread of meaning that has always been there? I think the assumption implicit in that question is that meaning exists outside of the framework of my current state of being. I want to know if I can move through the world without fixating on my own illusions about identity as the ultimate reference point for truth. This song is about the pursuit of that freedom.”

4 months ago