Radiohead: OK Computer lyrics spark anniversary specualtion

Posters seemingly referencing Radiohead’s OK Computer have popped up across major cities around the world sparking rumours of an anniversary celebration.

The plain black and white posters, which feature lyrics from OK Computer track “Fitter Happier”, have emerged in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Melbourne, New York, and Los Angeles.

The band’s acclaimed third album turns 20 this year, with the posters noting the milestone.

A few weeks ago visual collaborator Stanley Donwood posted an intriguing teaser on Instagram saying “soon to be real”.

OK Computer was released on 21 May 1997, and included “Karma Police” and “No Surprises”. The album was a significant departure from the bands previous albums, setting the stageĀ for what was to come – a more experimental, less anthemic sound.

3 months ago