Record Store Day sees 484% increase in vinyl sales

With 547,000 albums sold in a single week, Record Store Day 2017 turned out to be the most successful yet.

Neilsen Music has presented data (via Billboard) from this year’s 10th anniversary event.  The data shows a major increase in vinyl sales, demonstrating the impact of the yearly event.

According to The Vinyl Factory, for the week of Record Store Day (ending April 27), album sales in independent music stores increased by 197% compared to the previous week. For vinyl specifically, the increase is 484%, which equates to 409,000 albums.

The numbers are even more impressive for 12″ singles with sales figures increasing by 4,350%, going from 2,000 to 89,000.

When all high-street stores are taken into account there is a 213% increase in total album sales (vinyl and non-vinyl). This is officially the biggest non-Christmas period week for album sales since Nielsen began in 1991.

Year on year, RSD achieved 1.4% growth across the board. This may partly be due to the quality of exclusive vinyl material released this year.  Whatever the reason, its all good news for the artists, music and vinyl fans.

3 months ago